Ashen Breath

Ashen Breath Lyrics

[lyrics from the self-titled LP]

ΣΤΑ ΓΡΑΝΑΖΙΑ ΤΟΥ ΑΥΡΙΟ [ sta granazia tou avrio / in the gears of tomorrow ] (translation provided by the band)

The unbearable vision of the new generation has risen, through the fog of despair
into the desert site of contemporary inhumanity, of of the infected toxic conscience
people enslaved to the education of loneliness, self murderer and the whirlwind of evolution
technical instruction – artificial ideas investment to the future of humiliation

I faced death at the horizon, hopes shattered in the gears of tomorrow
On an electrical altar sacrifices to the unknown, the urban microcosm in the gears of tomorrow

Empty personalities with the national identity are marching the road to the front
like the last hope under the shadow of decline, the final territorial-apportionment
the act of destruction is written with blood, blood that runs from our wounds
the last breath of life is poisoned, greedy natural abuse.

ΚΕΛΙΑ ΑΝΥΠΑΡΞΙΑΣ [ kelia anyparxias / cells of non-existence ] (translation provided by the band)

The night surrounds you in the damp cell, the walls get alive, take away your life

Blood-covered broken shapes, whispers in the silence
drag along with them the miserable curse of correction
bound to the iron values of a pitiful logic
prisoners to the colds handcuffs of this life

In the cells of purification they jail your rage, your desperation, your non-existence
site of torture, they disgrace your soul, odious torturers steal even your light

The shadows of your self are reflected into chaos
your eyes inhuman, the pain wrought in relief

Socially a leper, you are blinded by pain, in the name of morality you spit poison
behind the bard the feelings are turned off, drown in blood the thirst of destruction

ΚΑΤΑΛΟΙΠΑ ΑΓΑΠΗΣ [ kataloipa agapis / remainders of love ] (translation provided by the band)

Behind the frontiers of deprivation
Behind the coldness of solitude
In the white cells of ignorance
Your love is crawling broken

Morbid electrical smiles
On the dirty faces of the statists
Social affection of abandonment
Dictatorial feelings of materialists

I got sick of your loving lies
Remainders of love

The material affection of prohibition
Reproduces the hopes that were ignored
Angels in the road of ransom
Conserve the values that were sold

It’s your love that is my grave
It’s screams that order
Live like a lie
& die like a mistake

ΚΑΤΑΔΙΚΗ [ katadiki / conviction ] (translation provided by the band)

Dogmatic catechism – your conviction, devising of ignorance – your conviction
“Right of submission” – your conviction, hierarchy of blindness – your conviction
Cowardly & scared you are searching for humanity
In the disgusted paradise, in the tale’s lie

The angel of your dreams is dead, lost into reality
Your nightmares are disturbed by the curses of bloody childish souls

Rusted symbols – your conviction, faith that hypnotizes – your conviction
unanimity of sterility – your conviction, willful blindness – your conviction
Windfall of your destiny you are searching in ruins
The lost arc of pleasures
Take off the thorny wreath of apathy, the rust of toleration,
The rust of oblivion, the truth is hidden in the rottenness…

ΠΑΙΧΝΙΔΙΑ ΕΞΟΥΣΙΑΣ [ paihnidia exousias / power games ] (translation provided by the band)

I got scared facing the hell of your mind
The different pieces, products of a conflict
Hard shapes in the memory of a mirror
The pieces of the time of imposition

I got scared facing the eye of the hurricane
The thirst for ascent in the human minds
The morons are tasting the fruits of power
Endless queues of blind successful people

Power games – deceptive invitations
Power games – distortion & envy
Power games – dead feeling
Power games – beggars of power

I got scared facing the ice of your soul
Cold procedures by winners made of glass
Centuries of isolation of the contemporary messiah
Insatiably sucking the spirit of life

ΖΩΗ ΕΝ ΤΑΦΩ [ zoi en tafo / life in grave ] (translation provided by the band)

Faceless mechanical androids, accomplices to the hysterical creation
Corrected outcasts of life, buried in the misery of “prosperity”
Religious merchants of love, enslaved to a legal terrorism
Innocent, virtuous and respected, life in grave, apathy & greed.

Smash up the silence, devastate the innocent
Down your guilt into your tears

With invisible traps of white light they blind the masses
& silently push them in a slow passive march to death
The price of existence is rottenness.

ΕΠΙΘΑΝΑΤΙΟΣ ΚΟΙΝΩΝΙΑ [ epithanatios koinonia / dying communion ] (translation provided by the band)

The lie of christ is obviously imposing
Erected propaganda of moral submission
Machination of death, undermining of life
The value of love is passivity
Holy agitators are pushing us to lethargy
They nail our hopes to golden crosses

Religious believers spread their stink
They violate & steal with a dead conscience
But when death is coming spreading the decline
They pray on their knees & beg for mercy

Dying communion of sacraments

Mental one-way at the palace of fear
Plastic feelings narcotize your mind
Decorate you with joy, a showcase of morality
Thousands are hanged from the gallows of the cross
Mentally handicapped victims of their destiny
Classified they walk to death.

(text in greek, appearing in the gatefold poster of the DIY Records LP)
Under thousands of wires, which pierce the grey tear eyed horizon, delivering
to the precut tomorrow the unimportance of today, spit their last polluted
breath those birds that didn’t make it through the electrified touch of estrangement.
Behind the showcase of the modern subordinate & the morality of worn-out
feelings, the magnificence of spiritual isolation emerges glorious…

The boundaries of the metropolis are narrower than the logic of the biggest jail cell.

(liner notes from the DIY Records LP)

On this record “Breath Ash” was:

Themis – Drums
Kostas – Bass
Nikos – Guitar/Vox
Thanassis – Vox

Yorgos – Drums
Makis – Bass
Yannis – Guitar
Nikos – Guitar/Vox
Thanassis – Vox

Ashen Breath, Makis (Despise),
K. Stratigopoulos

Recorded at:
“Red House” Studio
June-July 1993

Art Work:
Ashen Breath, Maria-Electra, Petros

Special Thanx:
Maki (Despise) for the valuable help
& patience, K. Stratigopoulo, P. (she
knows who she si & why we thank her)
Maria-Electra (for the front cover), Petro
(for the back cover), Antonia, Thodori K,
Villa Amalias (home sweet home).

Thanx for the moral & material support:
Mihali, Mitso (A.A.), Eva, Dora, Yorgo
(Pyro), Lisa, Osalia, Socrati, Billy
(De.Co.), Sapounako, Yorgo B, Evie,
Sissy, 3- 2 (Thessaloniki), Ypogia
Diavasi (Patra), Self-managed
Space in Peristeri, to all who came
& will come to our shows.

Akros Antithetoi [radically against] (+), Naytia (+), Trisa-
tanic Diavolator (+), Death Courier,
Birth Ward, Aporia [aporea], Haotiko Telos [chaotic end]
Panikos [panic], Rigma [crack], Ektos Eleghou [out of control], Despise
Villa Varvara, Kerameikou, & to all who consciously follow the
“Do It Yourself” practice &
remain indeoendent.

(liner notes from the DIY Records LP)

This record has been released
completely independently & it’s a
product of friendship, cooperation,
will, and an attempt of self-orga-
nizing our need of expression and

Take life in your hands
Spit on organized boredom

Pay no more than
1300 DRH.


Production: April 1994

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