Censored Sound


It’s the same thing that we always supported
And it’s still here even though years have passed
These bands have provided us with knowledge,
I know that I’m grateful for all that they’ve done.
Our scope is spreading the message,
Making a difference and taking a stance,
The bonds are too close to break down now and
We are proud to follow the movement by heart.

Nothing will ever change,
As long as we remain the same
This fight will be gained
If we show commitment to the hardcore pride

My respect –
To the ones who showed us the way
From the east to the west –
To the ones who stayed true to the game

I remember when it all started over and
Our lives transformed in a million ways
Positive music kept us together,
It’s what we became – not just a phase
And they’re still here
Persisting and restless
We owe them for speaking out
What needs to be said
Together we will break into pieces
The barriers that keep us down
And follow their way

Face Me

Reaching success is your plan
A goal for a miserable life
Pulling the strings to fulfill the needs
Of your hungry desire
The lies that will never stop
Will provide you the perfect disguise
But I’ll never be the step that you’ll make
I’m the nightmares that hunt you at night
You will never manage to control our minds
You thought it was real, you’ve being building a castle-
Your kingdom in sand – but now the wind will ruin
Your fake dreams
An army of kids will wait for you in the corner
The cries of those you hurt will rain over
Your fire

If you feel regrets – the guilt will be
Burning your heart
And now you confess – that your life never worthed it at all
I’d like to wipe off – the smile from your ironic face
What we see in you – is a disgrace!

Disappointed II

Disappointed, sick and tired of trying
Time to drop in, been good for too long

I can’t afford – ignorance
I got no more – tolerance
Come on now – take a stance
This is our – only chance!

Too may times, I’ve dropped down on my knees
And now I don’t accept your apologies


The Secret Of All Ages

Each of us is a multiple consciousness
Operatign in different levels
Sharing the same space, time and place
Like a radio tuning in several stations
Yet we’ve chosen to accept only one side
Of our dimension. I see people giving up their rights
And throwing away their uniqueness

This historical progress, has to be stopped
We gotta take back our strength, live a life less
dull and unimportant

We don’t need no weapons
Or any other kind of help.
Political systems will never
Show us the right way.

Yellow Papers

Walking on the street I see another parade
Comin’ forward to my way
In my eyes they all look the same
In a strange way I feel betrayed
Outcast, left back on my own
In a country where culture’s unknown
Cuz everybody is fond of the trends
Getting trapped in the name of success

I’ve done things, I’ve seen a lot, I’ve had enough
Now I gotta find my way back
I gave my best to help you come along
But you preferred the easy way, you weren’t strong

I’ve tried to forgive you but you couldn’t understand
I got no hope for you
Fucking trends I hope you die

I’ve tried to explain to you but you’re so fucking dumb
I got no to hope for you I made my way and crossed the line

Bad Memory

I see you in the street and you’re trying to avoid me
You think you have an attitude which is based
On your wallet
I wonder if you ever miss the times you were a rebel
Cuz now you’re too serious working for the label

You’re always forgetting your roots
What happened to your youth

You forgot – the way to keep in it real
You owe me – the fights and the fallen tears
You took back – everything we fought against
Your roots are – one thing you should never forget

Game Over

Searching for activity, praising positivity
Still I’m the one who stays inside
Not daring to leave my fucking shell
I don’t know what’s wrong with me
Is it lack of energy or is it the material
dreams these ones
I cannot reach

I say – live today
Always – be yourself
Go for – all your dreams
Cuz time flies like a leaf

Gotta find security
Be a simple as I can be
Or I will find myself in a cage of apathy
Choices made the ones I want
I’m gonna fight at any cost
To fight the peace within myself
Never to be mislead

And I say – live today
Always – be yourself
Go for – all your dreams
Cuz time flies like a leaf

Με Μια Ματια [ me mia matia / with a single look ] (originally in greek)

You know it’s time, the time has come
To let out anger while you shouldn’t
Be like that
You’ve been brought to the edge by some shitty events
Small and large, and you feel tired and alone

Money, work, lovelife and other shit
Are all around you
I wish none of that existed so that I could live my life
In a simpler way

Things are not – all that upbeat
But you have to see them – in that light
Look from – another viewpoint
All these – with a single look


Why do you have to complicate things
When it’s too fucking easy to see
That life is yours, you’re up to decide
Either to live or just to be a sheep
Can’t you see that time has come
To protest, rebel and scream?
Create your own manifests and fight
Against those who kept you on your knees

Don’t despair – just declare
You know it’s you and me
There’s so much we can do
Cuz we want to live

Tears I December

It’s hard to believe it, it’s hard to believe in what I hear,
This sober fact I wish it wasn’t real
The moment of sorrow, the moment of sadness
Came one day your soul now is gone
With all your sickness, with all your desires
Still you’re alive in our hearts
With all your sayings, with all your jokes
Still you’re alive in our hearts

Your voice is still here, deep in our minds
Your eyes looking mine, your lips speaking words
These words can’t be forgotten and how could they be as
Some existed prophetic unexpectedly
‘Live fast, die young’ always said in moments of
personal storming, enjoying the present ignoring
What is to come
But I wish it hadn’t happened cause you wre too young!
Your absence is tangible. Nothing can’t change nothing
Ashes can’t turn into life
What remains is only tears
Tears in december from your real friends

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