Chaotic End

ΚΟΥΡΕΛΙΑΣΜΕΝΗ ΨΥΧΗ [ koureliasmeni psihi / wrecked soul ] (translation provided by the band)

Another day into the sewers
Another day into the dirt
Inside the tomb of dead feelings
Among hypocrites
Soul destroying situations from sick humans
Are wrecking your sensitive soul every day
Bountifully with pleasure they poison your mind
With hatred and malice
They want you to be like them emotional dead

But you want to stay alive
You draw power from love
Away from them alive…

Day by day the pain is growing
The lovers of misery are pushing it towards to you
The hatred and the malice are dominant everywhere
The veil of grief is covering you more and more
The sun’s rays are trembling uselessly
The shadow has covered everything and everyone

With wrecked soul you are drifting in the darkness

Hypocrites friends tear your soul apart
Fake feelings rotten ideals
Guardian angels are surrounding you
Faces made to cause pain
In the darkness you are searching for the light
In the hatred you are searching for love
The dominance of silence to the wild darkness
Pressure and hittings by morbid typicants
Screaming of pain yellings of despair
The kingdom of sorrow the touch of death

ΤΙΠΟΤΑ ΑΛΗΘΙΝΟ [ tipota alithino / nothing real ] (translation provided by the band)

Looking for truth inside the lie
Searching for feelings you face apathy
Visions and dreams are times of no existence
In the end again alone and the silence embrace you
Doubtful shadows ruined from the fear
The head of insatiable their fury don’t stop
Drawing life from glasses of death
Impersonate love they are breathing hate

Looking the friend’s tears instead of smile
But there is a ray of love deep in his soul
Thoughts are torturing you
Maybe tomorrow he will be dead
But there is too high nobody can go there

Nothing real nothing lively

The domination of the instant
The end of the hope

ΜΠΡΟΣΤΑ ΣΤΗΝ ΠΑΡΑΝΟΙΑ [ mprosta stin paranoia / in front of parnaoia ] (translation provided by the band)

You are scared
You are shaking
You are screaming
The sweat is running

A nightmare in your mind
The search for a way out
No one exists
No one can hear

In front of paranoia

The cold walls
The silence and the darkness
The loneliness and the despair
Messages of death
The time is running short
And the tread is running short

And the shadows are screaming
The good are guilty

ΕΠΟΧΗ ΤΗΣ ΠΑΡΑΚΜΗΣ [ epohi tis parakims / period of decay ] (translation provided by the band)

Everything has changed everything is lost
Everything is extinguished in the filth
Everywhere hypocrisy always the profit leads
Benefit and accommodation the only interest
Our season is now underground

The years have passed we remain alone
The years have passed we remain alone
Our hopes we had together
Are drowned in the gutter of decay

I am tired of being always judged
By all the underground settled hypocrites
All around me unhesitating beggars of the dick
Unable to touch the mind and my soul
The season of decay in all its greatness

From inside these wrecks
Hope will bloom

Ο ΥΜΝΟΣ ΤΩΝ ΡΟΥΦΙΑΝΩΝ [ o ymnos ton roufianon / the ruffians’ hymn ] (translation provided by the band)

The time has come for you little man
To show what you are to show what you deserve
Prepare your tongue and start to lick
Everything is over now you start again
Bury your feelings sell your friends
Stab them in the back, become even worse
Step while you can over their souls
Now you will say “I’m someone also”

Now you have made it, you are leader at last
You are a warm nothing but a ruffian

You are nothing an empty man
With little authority leader in your place
Play the role of the idealist, revolutionary
The broads and the irrelevant are waiting for you
Now that you lick everyone and everything
Continue to lick and you’ll settle down
Your worthy consideration is nearer
With little authority leader in
You are a wretched deep in shit

ΜΠΑΣΤΑΡΔΟΙ ΘΑ ΠΛΗΡΩΣΕΤΕ [ bastardoi tha plirosete / bastards will pay ] (translation provided by the band)

Now that laughs cut my soul into pieces
You kill me for another time
Pain and horror dominate my brain
Disappointment has overflowed me
Living in a never ending period of agony
Now alone I try to survive
I cry and bleed up against a black wall
I feel the hate inside me bursting out
Now I stand strong and proud
Against to those who wake people pain

Bastards, bastards you will pay

Putting up the mask of good for a while
You induce even the wildest animal
But now I know you I have understand you
Now you prove that we will change the roles will come
And will be very late for you
The terror wild and cold
Will come to cover your false happiness
And fear will nestle deep inside you
The time of bastards has come near

ΖΟΥΜΕ ΣΤΟ ΣΚΟΤΑΔΙ [ zoume sto skotadi / we live in darkness ] (translation provided by the band)

Now, where the pain becomes tears
Now, where hate swells
Now, where love is getting less
Now, where there is no friendship

We live in darkness…
Waiting for our death

Now, where life decreases
Now, where earth slowly dies
Now, that the animals stopped playing
Now, where all have finished

TRAMPCORE (translation provided by the band)

Here they are, they are coming out from the basements
Their eyes are shining into the dark
The night had fallen and the life for them begins
Into the dirt into the soul destroying city
Discreet solitudes full of feelings
But nothing around touch them anymore
Bottles of alcohol, cigarettes and cottons
The mates of the night their own companionship

Wherever they go whatever they see
Empty people figure people
Into the garbage in the dirty roads
They find a smile sad some warmth
The whores of mercy
Are looking with irony
They continue their role
Dispersing paranoia
But they face the laugh
The laugh and happiness
Which they never know
Inside their lie!

ΣΚΟΤΑΔΙ ΚΑΙ ΜΟΝΑΞΙΑ [ skotadi kai monaxia / darkness and solitude ] (translation provided by the band)

Listening the mourning of the wild wind
Endless the hatred eternal of grief
Grey horizon sad sky
Dead ends of darkness the kingdom is raising
Listening the wolves under the moon
Screaming of hatred signs of the end
Shadows into the void continue the circle
Loyal to their bonds they live in their hell

Loyal to their bonds they live in their hell
Everywhere solitude remains and ashes
The raindrops the nature’s fears
Warm consolation to the grief of my soul
In vain the sorrow is searching for an outlet
Tied in chain follows me everywhere

Seek to find the life that belongs to you
Under the sun away from here

I let my soul to travel away
To green valleys that no one has seen
The company of the animals the smile of the sun
An endless feeling of life and happiness
But somewhere here the dream stoops
And the time starts for a slow death

(thanks to yurigagarin for submitting these lyrics)

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