Chemical Disease

ΠΝΟΗ ΘΑΝΑΤΟΥ [ pnoi thanatou / breath of death ] (translation provided by the band)

Soul turned to thousand broken pieces
At the bottom of a forgotten truth
Like a circle that reaches to an end
And the silence seems so loud
Vertigo to the trail of memories
Constantly thinking of the moments that passed away
A vain breath that my chest refused
Become a breath of death….

ΠΟΛΕΜΟΣ [ polemos / war ] (translation provided by the band)

Flames of war have taken over the earth
We all getting ready for another nuclear threat
Dark future,deadly images
Black smoke all over ruins and dust
Now you are standing all alone
In the middle of nowhere
Among dead bodies and sick faces
You want to run and hide away
The complete elimination is their task
The human race is their enemy
And when black clouds cover up the sky
Dreams and hopes will be vanished in emptiness

ΛΟΓΙΑ ΚΑΘΗΜΕΡΙΝΗΣ ΠΑΡΩΔΙΑΣ [ loya kathimerinis parodias / words of daily routine ] (translation provided by the band)

I’m not going to speak-not scream
I’m not going to ask for any explanations
I’m going to shut up one more day
Stay home watching t.v. as an indifferent man
Because down deep in my heart
I like when they kill my dreams
I know as everyone else who the guilty is
And also that noone else wants to be a saviour
Better stay home in safety rather face the cop
Who told you that i want to change the world?

ΝΕΑΝΙΚΕΣ ΑΝΗΣΥΧΙΕΣ [ neanikes anisyhies / youth concerns ] (translation provided by the band)

Black pictures dazzle my life
False hopes drawn my voice
Tight pants belts with studs
All sacrifised before money
Fake smiles rotten consiousness
Ideological stigma rascist erruption
Invade your life in your adolescence
Building a world of disgust

ΧΗΜΙΚΗ ΕΠΙΔΗΜΙΑ [ himiki epidimia / chemical disease ] (translation provided by the band)

Grey clouds spread all over
The birds of prey multiply over our heads
Hypocricy and lies dower our lives
Morbid sensations confirms our thoughts
You are drowning by the screams of destiny
We are the pawns of perversion
By dead dreams our hope wrestles
A solitude strikes the lovers of truth

ΚΟΙΝΩΝΙΚΗ ΑΠΟΣΥΝΘΕΣΗ [ koinoniki aposynthesi / social decomposition ] (translation provided by the band)

Motionless faces look around and nowhere
With whispers and screams they judge and trial
Like frightful trees with no life rooted in their stones
Eternal fugitives by a bleeding truth
And when the curtain of life falls
They pray to a god for forgiveness
Carefree and indifferent as they are
Crawl along the streets
As their got lost down deep to the sewers

ΠΡΟΔΟΣΙΑ [ prodosia / betrayal ] (translation provided by the band)

I want to know the whole truth
I want to know what’s going on
But i’m afraid to learn that’s getting a habit
All the people selling lies
Continually they buy and sell you
Offering their friendship and demand the price of it

ΟΛΑ ΕΙΝΑΙ ΧΑΟΣ…ΣΤΗΝ ΠΟΛΗ ΤΟΥ ΧΑΟΥΣ [ ola einai chaos… stin poli tou haous / city of chaos ] (translation provided by the band)

Everything is in chaos
In the city of chaos

SUMMERPUNKS (translation provided by the band)

I cut and dye my hair as a mohawk
I pierce my ears and I’m feeling fine
I wear gadgets I live just for the money
Tearing trousers filthy pants
Anarchist-fascist-communist or yuppie
I don’t really know which one sells more
I will have all the chicks with my toughness
I’ll become a student to spend my parent’s money
I will join the night clubs and be well dressed up
The weed is old fashioned I will start the crack
And when I’ll become mature through all these
I’ll have a family and a decent job
I’ll tell my children to stay away from drugs
I’ll settle home watching t.v. and the
Stock market will raise my appetite
And when I turn sixty i will wonder
”What I really fucked up”
What have i done just for the toughness
That’s why kids I’m telling you think a lot
In revolution there’s no posser toughness!!

ΚΡΙΣΗ ΥΣΤΕΡΙΑΣ [ krisi ysterias / fit of hysteria ] (translation provided by the band)

In the present i search all the years and days before
I look for forgotten faces on the streets
Confused situations provoke my thoughts
Invisible enemies are flerting with my nerves
Educated boosters satisfy my curiosity
The thread of life in the cutting head off
Device of your civilization

ΑΝΑΤΡΟΠΗ [ anatropi / subversion ] (translation provided by the band)

Our thinking minds are their enemy
By violence we will subvert their rotten regime
The anger of our voices will be heard through the streets
To eliminate their law and their rulling power
Fake democracy-police opression
Mental siege-sold out freedom

ΠΑΘΗΤΙΚΗ ΝΕΟΛΑΙΑ [ pathitiki neolaia / passive youth ] (translation provided by the band)

Panic all around you
Death all around you
Pain inside you
Havoc is coming
By war crimes and tragic pictures
Murderers and victims built their fate
Fashion commands the neo-fascism

(thanks to alekos after the massacre/ex- chemical disease for sending the lyrics in)

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