Disturbance Of Domestic Peace

Fredy Crugeration/Fredy Cruger’s Education (Shit Hit The Fan) (originally in english)

We are the flowers of society
’cause we’ve been
to your famous universities
the ones that open new horizons
for a creative career…

Give us some space
and we are able
to build your modern
chemical gas
we will make our country
feel proud
education wasn’t wasted on us

City (Shit Hit The Fan) (originally in english)

When the winds blow
through my emptiness
when my emptiness
crawls through strong winds

Τα Παράσημα Της Λήθης [ ta parasima tis lithis / medals of oblivion ] (Ανάσα Στάχτη [ anasa stahti / ashen breath ]) (translation provided by the band)

Look at the way icons engrave our sight
Listen to the cries that have never reached our ears
Think how many words were lost as we talked
How many acts murdered our instincts
Purposeless shadows without blood in they flesh
With informations they have already forgotten
Like trains on rails that search their way
Begin the same futile journey

In the places that angels of sorrow crawl
Awarding tomorrow with medals of oblivion

Colourless screens projects our future
Into chambers that time ends
Frozen clock-hands trap our thoughts
Searching for nothing in nowhere
I saw trash produced so bright
Blinding mind and soul
They don’t know they didn’t see but neither
Imagined that they took a course in vain

Homo Metropolitanus (Ανάσα Στάχτη [ anasa stahti / ashen breath ]) (translation provided by the band)

It has been along time since colours wrapped in a cloud of black smoke
It has been a long time since that wall were nailed to the sky
The fairy tail that you thought everlasting has ended
Learn to live in a city of iron, without present

Wherever I look I see a Two-Legged God
Crawls like a serpent changing fire into ice
He has been born blind from the bowels of silence
Constantly scared, trapped in golden cells he shouts:
I perish in a crowd of loneliness
I perish in the solitude of my own time

Humans head to a silent death
Calling a cement monster, civilization
I disgust this world of specialists
That consider repression of thought a self-purpose

Πνευματικός Μεσαίωνας [ pnevmatikos mesaionas / spiritual dark age ] (Ψύχωση [ psyhosi / psychosis ]) (translation provided by the band)

Rotten corruption has polluted our lives
We act brainlessly without a cause
Friendship and love are forgotten values
Hatred leads us to a horrible death

Instead of searching for something new and something real
We ignorantly let the pain penetrate our souls
We depend on material things and lies without hesitation
We’re lost in the chaos that surrounds us

And now we sit incapable of doing anything
We’re living dead, we wonder around without a purpose
We never met true freedom
And when death comes unable we’ll give in to the silence

(thanks to yurigagarin for submitting these lyrics)

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