Forgotten Prophecy

ΑΤΕΛΕΙΩΤΟΣ ΔΡΟΜΟΣ [ ateleiotos dromos / neverending road ] (translation provided by the band)

Wake up to anticipate the beautiful dawn – a same one you’ll never see again
Wonder at the day that lays before you – bathed in sunlight
Lend an ear to all the creatures breathing – rejoining the new day
Stare at them all and hide them deep within you – keep them near you

And run like hell, there ain’t no more time – soon it will be dark
Time slips like sand from your fingers – soon it may be too late
The years have passed and lies are out
Run like hell, there ain’t more time – soon it may be too late

Listen to the voice from within, spot the enemy and set him on fire!

The path lies in front of you
The fire of love that leads you afar
The joyful way should be our evolution
The never ending road beyond the mountains
The never ending road

Look the way that leads to truth
Ignore the sirens leading you astray
The black veils that cover your sun
The ruins of fear… Set them on fire

ΜΥΘΟΣ ΚΑΙ ΠΡΑΓΜΑΤΙΚΟΤΗΤΑ [ mythos kai pragmatikotita / tale or reality? ] (translation provided by the band)

It is high time for the words to be heard
Those words forgotten before they were even heard
Limits are getting narrower, time marches on
The watch hands are ticking without mercy
Ideals were drowned by musical ability
And no one seems to pay attention
The dream has faded and the hopes vanished
The friends changed, gone, lost for good

On the long run what’s left from it all?
Whatever happened to all of the wild boys?
Those that shouted about “Anarchy + Peace”
Against all armies, states and authority
Only records are left, mostly as collectors’ items
Thousands of ads, hooded T-shirts and official demos
Get this, buy that
They are selling our screams for fucking profit
We have made a trend out of everything
“Well, should I spike my hair or should I wear a bandana”
Noise core, grind, speed core, mosh
A tragic wasted fucked up crowd
That drags its loneliness at the gigs
Gets drunk, slams violently, acts like a fool
But after the gig gets back home,
Digs in his hole and already forgets
The Lyrics, the energy, the wild scream
The power we have when we come together
The power to do whatever we want
The will to live the way we want
Our Beautiful dreams, the songs we’ve sung
The memories of what’s left behind
The tears Shed this very moment
Forever alive and forever free

Some say the dream of punk is dead, buried under stagnation
Sold-out mega-bands and heavy metal attitude.
Well, so it is and we are its grave diggers cause we didn’t put an end to this shit while we still had the time.
However even if punk is dead, the spirit and the dream shall be alive so long as we don’t forget,
So long as we remember that it was more than fast music and another memory of our youth.

ΤΟ ΜΕΓΑΛΟ ΣΠΙΤΙ [ to megalo spiti / the big house ] (translation provided by the band)

You were born, grown up and still living among lies
Whole pieces of your life are missing
An aimless and joyless travel towards death
Surely ain’t the reason of your existence

You’ve been stigmatised, you’ve been castrated
You’ve been muzzled and mentally scarred
You’ve been programmed to live in deceit
Live like a slave and die like a slave

The power is you, the power lies within you
Feel it flowing from your will
Live your life the way you want it
The only authority is yourself!

Together we can do everything!
We can expel the vision of the end
That looks near at hand
We can live as free men
as proud and free men
We can tear down the wall and see
A whole new life of joy awaiting for us!

ΑΝΑΘΕΜΑ [ anathema ] (translation provided by the band)

A new age of triumph is dawning
Another era of brilliant achievements
New horizons to be conquered
New generations to be slaughtered
Black clouds in the sky
A stark shadow covers this earth
Our uncontrollable course leads to the abyss
The storm is bursting out

Anathema – to those whose mouths drip honey
Anathema – to the wolves in sheep’s clothing
Anathema – to those who blind us with fears
Anathema – to the enemies of mankind

Frozen hands grab our souls
The new technology ask for the reward
Like mice humans run behind them
Endless legions of the damned
Forever slaves, they toil staggering
Turning the wheel of this fucking life
With backs torn by the whip of ignorance
They die binded in eternal chains

ΧΕΙΜΩΝΑΣ [ heimonas / the winter song ] (translation provided by the band)

When everything will have grown old
And everything will have failed
Nature will surrender to oblivion
And dust will become the rust
When the trees will stand naked
And praise sky for peace
And the animals will sleep forgetting
And silence will cover her children with love
Then the winter’s gonna come
The frozen breath and the scythe
The cities shall lay wasted
And snow will cover our filth
Winter’s gonna come
Surrounding us from all sides
The endless winter is going to come
The forgotten ice age
The end of the cycle
The end of life…

(thanks to yurigagarin for submitting these lyrics)

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