[lyrics from the second, self-titled 7″]

ΦΕΥΓΩ [ fevgo / i’m leaving ] (translation provided by the band)

Once more, I wake up in the morning and everything
is dipped in grey. Everything! The sky, buildings, people,
trees and even birds! Time, ruthless empty and cold
continues to decorate our lives with thousands of
useless hours, and we, trapped for good in a web
fade steadily in the center of nothingness.
I start to feel that the city is a huge gallows that
chokes s day by day. Even the air in the city is rotten,
just like us, lonely, shameful and disgusting,
filling our lungs with pasteurized death.
Tired from the daily view of hypocrisy, lies and
wretchedness, disgusted by thousands of fake smiles
on dark faces who dress and behave like saints but
whose mouths drip not honey but human blood!
Weak, after seeing my hopes and dreams
battle death in an arena from which nobody
has ever escaped! So I’m leaving while there’s
still time, before it becomes too late.
I’m leaving, hoping that I’ll manage to save this tiny
Fragment of my soul which is still unpolluted,
clean and pure just like when I was a child. I’m leaving…

In the city of the wretched with the sight of paranoia
I get up and leave before I leave this view
I dig up my childhood dreams
I search for something to support, something to hold on from
I’m leaving… I’m leaving…

Looking for the long exiled poets
Who fly arrogantly with their magic wings
Waiting them to take me with them on their endless journey
Leaving far away from the storm.

ΤΟ ΜΗΝΥΜΑ ΤΟΥ ΑΝΕΜΟΥ [ to minyma toy anemou / the message of the wind ] (translation provided by the band)

Waves of the sea rise like a wall
Giving wild beauty to their appearance
They express proudly their endless rage
Towards people’s mistakes that have taken their children

To the limits of existence
She pays for our mistakes
Inconsiderate abuse
She can’t stand it anymore

The mourning of the beings that leave their last breath
Comes together with the wind that blows so hard
Whistling in sorrow, it breaks out as if it felt
That everything that man has touched exists no more.

ΓΥΑΛΙΝΗ ΜΗΤΡΟΠΟΛΗ [ yalini mitropoli / metropolis of glass ] (translation provided by the band)

…and us the years go by, people forget
That sometime ago we were all children
And it’s when the buildings shed their pale shadows on us,
That loneliness rules.
Because we’re trapped in a metropolis of glass
Where love is a dirty wound.

I want some space barefoot to run
in the roads of the city
Everything that I have inside of myself to put it out
I want to cry, to shout loud

In the crowd we hide from our insecurities,
we hide from the pain of our decay
Our dreams pass through wires,
our love is electronical.
Because we’re trapped in a metropolis of glass
Where love is a dirty wound.

I want some space barefoot to run
in the roads of the city
Everything that I have inside of myself to put it out
I want to cry, to shout loud

Looking for love in an empty space,
parallel ways over the edge,
life continues in an eternal circle,
we stand alone behind the wall,
on clouds we were walking but we fell in the city.

ΣΥΝΤΡΙΜΙΑ [ syntrimia / wrecks ] (translation provided by the band)

The wind hurts us
Dead and frozen
The decay in our hearts
Blurs our minds
They have cracked our land
Crashed our hearts
Pity those who don’t smell the loss
Clouds gather high in the sky
The threat of the storm
Weighs heavily upon our hearts
The curse of the mountains
Has fallen on our heads
We see the forest
But we don’t see the trees

From inside these wrecks
Hope will bloom

(liner notes from the Maximum Voice Records self-titled 7″ – front)

..and the watch hands remain stuck to nothing.
As if everything has been covered with a huge veil
of listlessness, apathy and oblivion. Time, unimportant
and indifferent now more than ever leaves behind
it dust of apath. And we, trapped in the
web of this situation, don’t care. I don’t give a
damn, Just as if w wanted to finish off the only
beautifully thing we have left. It’s this which,
beautiful and strong, fills our souls, it’s what
makes us feel human…

(liner notes from the Maximum Voice Records self-titled 7″ – back)

Alex : Guitar-Vocals
Jana : Drums-Vocals
Denis : Guitar-Vocals

In this recording Nick-Bass and Helen-Vocals.
THANX a lot to all the squats that we have played
all over the Europe for their hospitality. All the bands
that we have played together and all the nice people
that we met in our tours, all the zines that we’re in
contact and all the people that distributed our stuff.
Finally thanx to Andre for making this possible.

For contact :

P.O.Box 24107

[lyrics from the LP “Into The Silence Of Eternal Sorrow”]

Η ΦΩΤΙΑ ΤΗΣ ΖΩΗΣ [ i fotia tis zois / the fire of life ] (translation provided by the band)

Every day, every hour
I seek for spring
I look at the sun and run ahead
To touch the impossible
I wont sacrifice my dreams
I wont kneel to a lie
Without fear armed with passion
And thirst for life
My dreams, their nightmares
That’s what i fight for that’s what i await.
And like a newborn child
I embrace hope
I want to burn this world
And build a new one on its ashes
A world where grey clouds wont hide the sun
A world of love, joy and harmony
Without innocent victims, without pain
In mother earth’s great breast

ΕΦΙΑΛΤΕΣ [ efialtes / nightmares ] (translation provided by the band)

Eternally imprisoned,fear
Enslaved by ignorance,submission
Clouds of oblivion,devastation
Priestess of sorrow,the end
Like shadows they pass in front of me…

ΝΙΩΣΕ ΤΗ ΔΥΝΑΜΗ ΣΟΥ [ niose ti dynami sou / feel your power ] (translation provided by the band)

Weak and your knees you’ll be again tonight
Dragging your pain in streets of silence
You’ll throwing your dreams up in some corner
And the only thing you’ll feel is disgust and loneliness
Feel the power you’ve got deep inside
You’ve got to wake up from this miserable drowsiness
Turn your pain into wild cries
Join your hand with mine
And bring the walls of misery down

ΑΙΩΝΙΟΣ ΚΥΚΛΟΣ [ aionios kyklos / eternal cycle ] (translation provided by the band)

Living in an eternal illusion
Soulless beings crawling in ruins
Losing even the last sunrise
Breathing death in every minute
The ones who drowned in their own tears
Their last cry lost, no one to hear
Giving a throne to fear and ignorance
In a meaningless life made out of paper
Exhausted shadows standing in line
Silently waiting to deposit their mind and soul.
Into the silence, cries of agony
Into the silence, in the nets of fear
Into the silence, in the time of sorrow
Into the silence, years perish

ΣΤΗ ΣΙΩΠΗ ΤΗΣ ΑΙΩΝΙΑΣ ΘΛΙΨΗΣ [ sti siopi tis aionias thlipsis / into the slience of eternal sorrow ] (translation provided by the band)

In the wind’s traces, a vain wondering
In barren worlds, in paths of destruction.
I can hear the drums of war from far away
Rhythms of paranoia in a furious march
We all became executioners and threat is closing in
We live in the silence of eternal oblivion
With the eyes of my soul I can see a naked threat nearing
People, regulated machines, greed flows in their veins
The air we breathe smells of pasteurized death
Offered in abundance by modern civilization.

ΧΕΙΜΕΡΙΑ ΝΑΡΚΗ [ himeria narki / hibernation ] (translation provided by the band)

Behind walls, behind screens
Behind an empty non-existent life
Behind masks, in paranoia
Behind the illusion of a fictitious escape
Behind rotten, castrated dreams
Behind sounds who can’t break the silence
Endlessly wondering figures of loneliness
Incapable to feel, sense and react
Eternal hibernation
In the never ending cycle of apathy.
Reading the remaining ashes
Of this civilization’s cruel and ruthless passing
Who vanished the signs of life forever.
People barricaded in their impregnable cages
Buried their dreams and hopes in graves
Locked their barren mind forever

ΙΔΙΟ ΤΕΛΟΣ [ idio telos / identical ending ] (translation provided by the band)

From the nets of paranoia i try to escape
But like a new Calvary they spread in front of me
Beside me stands time like a ferocious avenger
Counting my mistakes, narrowing the boundaries.
It’s tiring…to wander in the same nightmare.
I stare at people’s faces
Searching for two eyes that speak the truth.
I stamp on my being, blood runs and it kneels
I fight alone again in an identical ending

ΧΩΡΙΣ ΗΛΙΟ [ horis ilio / without a sun ] (translation provided by the band)

The new tyrants are spreading their shadow
Raging for the blood of innocent people
Respectable technocrats with faces of Saviors
In an absurdist play with insignificant walk-ons.
Miserable masses following their way
Fear is their shadow in each and every step
A permanent sorrow in their empty gaze
Like dried leafs following their destiny.
Ruthless torturers sowing plagues
Planning with precision the new massacre
Figures of oblivion searching for the sun
In the endless hunt of uncertainty.
The world leaders of sickening lusts
Giving out mess with bottled hopes
Sterilizing people’s dreams
Who are eternally subjected to serve them.

ΥΠΟΚΡΙΝΕΣΑΙ [ ypokrinesai / you pretend ] (translation provided by the band)

Dead time flows without a change.
You feel the need to spend yourself
In empty words in empty relations
You pretend because you fear loneliness
You see yourself hanging from the wall
In a veil of a never ending silence
Tired are the steps of sorrow
They are nearing but you can’t resist.
You close your eyes but see truth waving
You ask for illusions, trying to find courage
You spread your hand for some help
But everybody is hiding behind masks.
In darkness you search for a solution
You try to run away from the maelstrom of decay
Listening only to your own voice
Killing this sick nightmare

(thanks to alekos after the massacre/ex- chemical disease for submitting the LP lyrics)

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