ΟΛΑ ΓΙΑ ΤΟ ΧΡΗΜΑ [ ola gia to hrima / all for the money ] (translation provided by the band)

Your town is strangling you more & more every day.
Cold puppets the people round you.
Birds are leaving.
Flying away in despair.
Red earth dead rainbows.
Snow & freeze in all hearts.
Flags keeping us apart.
Flags are getting us killed.
Beehives uniting us.
Something must change eberybody days.
I am well settled everybody says.
The law of the nungle.
The greatest belief.
All for the money.
We are kneeling in front of money.
Eat up your brother eat up your friend.
Kill your fellow man.
Kill or die.
Violence on the t.v. violence in the streets.
Violence in your mind.
Exterminate each other.
All programmed like a clockwork.
All programmed like a clockwork.
Everywhere you can see people in pain.
Lonely existences.
Lonely crying.
Lonely courses.
Massive deaths.

ΠΟΤΕ ΘΑ ΜΑΘΕΙΣ [ pote tha mathis / when are you going to learn ] (translation provided by the band)

Strikes one after another.
Scars in my mind.
Strikes one after another.
You see hate grow.
You feel the pain.
Strikes one after another.
On your tired body.
Strikes one after another.
In your crushed heart.
You see everything around you slowly dying.
What are you doing here.
Lie & profit have blinded mankind.
A sick situation.
Irrational moments looking for escape.
Relations made only for convenience & advantages.
Pure as a pigeon at the front.
Forked tongues of snakes from behind.
That is how they want us lonely & weak when we could be united & strong.
Stronger than a burning fire.
We are into the shit though even in this jungle.
Inside an aquarium.
Stared at as if we were fish.
Birds prisoned behind bars.
In the outside world people crazed because of this life.
And yet we have not learned.
They offer us pain & misery.
Us them & the slaves what is the difference?
When are knowledge & love going to enter in our brains.
When are knowledge & love going to enter in your brains.
And yet we have not learned.
They offer us madness, they offer us drugs, they offer us death.
How many more souls are going to bend, how many more are going to play
their game.
How many more are gonna leave.
How many are gonna be leaving while knowledge & love are trapped in
faraway places. away from our minds.
How much longer.
How many more.
When are we gonna learn.

(liner notes from the Genet Records 7″)

Evil was planted deep into the earth.
Locked in the cage of python.
Exiled in the reptile land.
Empty looks, faces without expression.
Rejected monsters are puking.
Death gifted with the gift of life.
Entertainment inside cells.
How are you gonna fly with your wings cut.
Consciences built from the cages of brain demolition.
Vacant people in the reptile land.
Skeletal people into the dead cities.
People closed inside institutions set in line one behind another, with
blinded eyes & shut mouths.
Our weak whispers & colourless voices fade away meaningless like the wind
in the desert.
Trapped in darkness when the sun is still reigning outside.
When are knowledge & love going to enter in our brains.
Panikos July ’93.
Masterly mastered by Uwe Von Smallhausen February 1995.

ΘΑΝΑΤΟΣ ΕΙΝΑΙ Η ΑΓΝΟΙΑ [ thanatos einai i agnoia / death is ignorance ] (translation provided by the band)

Death is ignorance.
People sink in seas of ignorance.
Forgotten, blinded and lost.
Life meaning they filled it with lies.
The meaning of life, with guns they search for it.
Tireless machines suck our breaths.
Tireless machines beat us snakily.
Rotten smells grow up in cities, sienlce…
Death is ignorance…
Death is fear…
…But something inside me says there is still hope,
and if violence brings violence
just with love you could win.
Sun, give me power to stand the times.

ΠΟΥ ΕΙΝΑΙ Η ΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΙΑ; [ pou einai i eleytheria; / where is the freedom? ] (translation provided by the band)

Where is the freedom?
Where is the freedom?
Where is the freedom?
Try to touch the truth…
Where is the freedom?

ΦΟΒΟΣ [ fovos / fear ] (translation provided by the band)

Fear – so true, so false.
Who are they: who teach ignorance for truth.
Who are they: and their rotten civilization.
Who are they: and their doomed science.
Who are they: who shape consciences.
Who are they: who rape mother earth.
Who are they: who put thought behind bars.
Who are they: who invade human pawns.
Who are they: who make simplicity complex.
Who are they: who act opposite to their conscience.
Who are they: who harvest our goods.
The fear is their base in this human chess.
Fear is their power and their morality,
preachers, teachers, cops and judges,
guardians of morality, guardians of fear.
Go against the fears that shaped your mind
since you were a baby
Fear squeezes freedom’s neck.
Go against the fear with flaming serenity.
Sickness comes to body and mind
from the victory of fear.
Go against the fear with flaming serenity.
Wipe your tears away, sharpen your brain…

ΠΛΗΓΕΣ [ pliges / wounds ] (translation provided by the band)

Life’s provisions are overused.
Animals, birds for ever disappear.
Water, air and food polluted.
Polluted relationships between humans, flowers that wither.
Wounds that never heal.
Never!! Never!! Never?
Dazzling vortices with angelic faces make us forget.
Doors exist.
Do you have the key?
The road is blocked by walls built out of ignorance.
Cold barbed wire keeps us separated.
The time that passes never comes back.
Life and happiness, a forgotten road.
How could you be delighted in the sorrow?
Tell me where you see it in the darkness.
How will you fly with wings cut out?
Wake up!
There is a wall…
Wake up!!…
That we must bring down…
Wake up!!…
There are the doors…
That we must open…
Destroy the sickness, heal the wounds…

(liner notes from the self-released split LP with WWK)

We would like to thank
all those people who
helped us materially and
spiritually in our way.
We dedicate this record to all autonomous communities, to mother
earth and everywhere else. To those who try to destroy
the sickness inside and around them. To those who follow the way
of virgin narrows. To you who loves and believes the whispers
of you soul. And who left behind the heaviness that keeps you in,
chains… Good luck!!
Never say die…

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