Stateless In The Universe

[lyrics from the split LP with Knallkopf]

αρχίζω ξανά [ arhizo xana / i start all over again ] (translation provided by the band)

i’ve had enough of living in hypocrisy
of trying to hide behind my own finger
nowadays money can buy everything
millions of easily told lies
day by day, month after month
time passing leaves me in a void
our skin grows harder, our hands keep sweating
and the sparkle fades away from your eyes
i see our faces losng their color
our laughter melting, our tears dying out
our brain remaining immobile gradually thickening
we become identical to our parents

all these people “wishing me well” tell me
that the way we’ve taken leads to nowhere
friends spread away
they said everything so far was foolish
but now sense came into them
and they can tell good from evil

but i never give up
i learn from my own mistakes
and start all over again – i get up stronger
i learn from my own mistakes
and start all over again – with a clear mind
and my head up

τα Μ.Μ.Ε. είναι [ ta m.m.e. einai / mass media ae ] (translation provided by the band)

gold – covered rot, gold – covered void
humanized racism – violence becomes divine
dramatic salvation – vulgar melodrama
daily soap opera – crocodile tears
decomposed values
internationalization of culture
international demolition
the dream of profiteering – human sacrifice

control is in the house
life is in the armchair
life is sold
life is elsewhere

being moved without personal cost
action by remote control
humble desires – loveless passions
consuming stereotypes
gazing – sport and spectacle
nationalistic regeneration
daily toxication – sick addiction
inverse reality
complacency becomes dangerous
dead conscience – life in the freezer
control is in the house

πάνω απ’την πόλη [ pamo ap’tin poli / over the city ] (translation provided by the band)

over the city i sit and watch
the sun fade away beyond the clouds
grey and dull i see it spreading
its cement tentacles all around
vehicle sounds reach my ears
a noise similar to a heavy gasp
slowly, black melancholic clouds approach
but rain can’t wash its dirt away

there’s a shadow over the city
which makes m want to scream out loud
there’s a shadow over the city
that no one can chase away

hesitantly the sun rises again
people pass and move around me
it’s nice to take a look at this monster
standing high above
it feels different from living and breathing in it
further than the sea, deep in the horizon
i see the reddening sun now sliding
behind the mountains my sight travels
and i think i’d like to spread my wings
and fly high over the city

ξένος [ xenos / foreigner/stranger ] (translation provided by the band)

so, here i find myself in the grey city
unknown among the unknown crowd
i haven’t chosen to live like this
i was chased away by a ruthless fate
the land i was stepping on is lost
i fled from hunger/war/obligation
to find myself a stranger, scapegoat, an easy target
stranger, the enemy of the “many”
my place a mortal ghetto
i risked my life in order to escape
snitches, pimps suck my blood
moreover i must accept your contempt
i don’t beg your mercy, i’ve no right to look at you
in the eyes – you taught me my own position
your faithful dog and you my bosses
because i’m a foreigner, scapegoat

χαρίζω φωτιά [ harizo fotia / i offer fire ] (translation provided by the band)

within me, rage
struggles to overthrow
the dense coloured fog of apathy
i rouse the streets and the loyal citizens
i seek to break down
the screens of spectacle

i can clearly hear the melting down bridges
in places where the sun refuses to shine
with an armful of flames of wrath
i try to discharge myself
from the mask of obedience

i create out a pit-black darkness
hope for tomorrow
i create out a pit-black darkness
i seek no novelty

i offer fire

Lovesong (ερωτικό) [ erotiko / love song ] (translation provided by the band)

my beloved one, i’m excited by your warm touch
by your warm human feelings, you move me
voluptuous pleasure, erotic game
the soul & body contact – soft skin, warm flesh
which for a moment dance to the rhythm of the immortals
your kiss is a breath of warmth into my heart
which inspires me and enables me to live
to continue struggling
to remain a proud and free person
i know we are transient
full of weakness and unforgivable errors
but i try to change & you to realize your own faults
– i know i can trust you
i’m linked to you without chains
i can fel that you desire me & you respect me
i like the way you look at me in the eyes
i must learn how to deserve happiness
how to hold it in my hands without crushing it
to break the ties of ego & material
to open up, to offer myself without stinginess
i must learn how to stop making war
out of my relationships
with victim & oppressor, winner & loser
to stop falling in love with myself
in other people’s faces
like narcissus kissing his own reflection
i want to be linked to you without chains
like a proud & free person
to at last dissolve the misery
society has built within me
in moments i feel i’m getting lost
i’m drowning into the frozen swamp of cruel reality
your arms are the whole world
a miniature of creation
your kiss is a breath of warmth…

για να βρείτε τη χαμένη σας ορμή [ gia na vreite ti hameni sas ormi / to find your lost urge ]

σημαδεύουν πάνω στο μυαλό [ simadevoun panta sto mialo / they always aim at the brain ] (translation provided by the band)

ανάθεμα [ anathema / curse (live) ] (lyrics not on the lyric sheet)

(thanks to smurfpunk for submitting the scan from which the lyrics were copied)

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