[lyrics from the unofficial discography cd; translated by automaton 3]

ΑΓΧΟΣ [ aghos / angst ]

I’m your angst
Your nightmare
Of the pain of your love
The danger in your environs
I’m the machinery
The rhythm of the routine
I’m the primordial
I demolish you ego
I’m the angst made by you
Beginning & end
Your life’s a prison
I’ll always follow you
I’ll be your shadow
You can’t shake me off
You’re trying to win
I’m the constant threat
Of your hard life
I’m your fear
I’m your angst

Ο ΧΑΦΙΕΣ [ o hafies / the snitch ]

Snitch, the time has come, point out, do
Look now at all the dogs
They’re after you like vultures
They’re daring like vultures

Snitch, the time has come, leave
While there’s still time
Don’t stay any longer
There’s someone waiting at the corner…

ΛΕΡΟΣ [ leros ]

Hell does exist in someplace
Its name is Leros
That’s where they eliminate humans
In the name of science
The electric shocks & the bonds
& their inhumanity
Prisonguard psychiatrists
Dead people in their cells

Hell is Leros
Dafni & Stavroupoli
Objection to the status quo
The retort to order

Scientific rehabilitation
Of a prison society
The psychological problems
Are solved through violence
The only reply
To dangerous persons
Is mental asylums
To preserve the balance

Black cells stigmatized
With forgotten figures of Dante’s hell
Eyes gazing at nothing at all
Hate pain loss
Without hope for life
Incarcerated in hell
They summon death
There’s no future

ΑΘΗΝΑ [ athina / athens ]

Everyone walks at a fast pace
They have no time to look around
Thoughts & flashing looks
Hearts full of burdens
Faces blank & weathered
They seem to be at a blank
They remind children of something
Well-oiled toys
They look like machines
Where are the laughs & joys
Faces blank & weathered
They seem to be at a blank
Anxiety, noise, dirt
All flowers are plastic
Tall chimneys & smoke
Black is the sky
It’s a jungle without a single tree
It’s a jungle made of concrete
This city is Athens
But it resembles a prison

Ο ΦΟΒΟΣ [ o fovos / the fear ]

Fear, my heartbeats are thinning out
Fear, countless perils are lurking
Fear for the pressing laws
Fear for the system they’re in control of
Fear, the governors are dynastically ruling those governed
Fear, they survive with violence & repression
Fear for the pressing laws
Fear for the system they’re in control of
Fear, fear of violence, fear of authority
Fear, for the people they eliminate
Fear for the psychiatric medication that kills us
Fear for the guns engulfing me
Fear for the hate they glorify
Fear for the future they’re offering us
Fear for the world they destroy
Fear for the guns engulfing me
Fear for the hate they glorify

ΓΕΝΟΚΤΟΝΙΑ [ genoktonia / genocide ]

We are the children of Hiroshima
We are the children of Nagashaki
We are the children of Vietnam
The children of Afghanistan
The turned thousands of murderers into heroes
Honors & medals for those genociders
Time won’t heal us
Those killed, they forgot entirely

Genocide, those responsible are them
Genocide, heroes & armies

Every young greek will become a murderer
Following the troops to the frontline
Killing & smashing the unknown enemy
That dared attack their homeland
& all as one we’ll raise our hands full of pride
Fascist marches for the dead soldiers
Priests & politicians extolling their virtues
That so much worked on with their dirty minds

ATHENS BURNING (originally in english)

At 400BC the persians came
And the germans came
And how you are writing on the walls
And shouting that you want to be free
Athens burning – will be burning
And then dictatory came
It was an american dirty game
Police and people fighting in the streets
Fighting for freedom in greece
But freedom does not come by writing on the walls
Freedom does not come by fighting in the streets
Freedom comes by spilling blood
Freedom comes by spilling your blood

Ο ΠΕΡΙΘΩΡΙΑΚΟΣ [ o perithoriakos / the outcast ]

I’m walking alone on the streets
I don’t give a shit about those laws
It’s at me that all the cops are staring
And it’s at me that all all the people are yelling
What can I do, say, & show
It’s me who’s gonna live my life
An entire life being the underdog
A life without you
A life without anyone
A life without myself
They fed me fairytales all life long
But now I know the truth
& I’m walking alone on the streets
I don’t give a shit about those laws

1984 (ΠΑΡΑ ΚΑΤΙ) [ 1984 (para kati) / 1984 (nearly) ]

When your machines are finally at a standstill
When your ideas are finally barren
An end to that sleep of yours
Here, the nightmare knocks on your door
Agony will materialize
It prepares its throne in secrecy
& one day it’ll be heard
When it demands what’s rightfully hers
When all those without hope
Find themselves full of hopes
Then this dream
Will become a terrible nightmare
When your eyes are finally shut
When only shadows are finally wandering
An end to hopes & dreams
Death is leading us onward
Our dreams will remain void
No more hate, no more love
Charred cadavers will be the only things left
This will be your world
Or what will be left of it

ΤΟ ΑΒΟΥΛΟ ΟΝ [ avoulo on / mindless being ]

You’ve got eyes but don’t see
They turned you into shadow
That creeps on the ground
Amidst all the shit
You’re trying to comprehend
You can’t even listen anymore
No, they tell you what to do
You’re bungled up in shit
The system will become your life
Assimilation, violence will be your comrades
You’ll learn to hate those they told you to
You’ll learn to fight for what they told you to
Glorious is the history of death
Thorough brainwash
You’re seeking intensely for the solution
You’re seeking intensely for glory
You believe in god & authority
You believe in the army & hierarchy

ΔΙΚΑΙΩΜΑ ΣΤΗ ΖΩΗ [ dikaioma sti zoi / right to life ]

Right to life
Not to the premanufactured way of life
Right to life
Not to the status qui that they feed us as life
I wanna live as I desire
Not to just survive as they want us to
Not in the way they want us to
I wanna live as I desire
I wanna live as I desire
I… I… I…

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