Vodka Juniors

[lyrics of new, as yet unreleased tracks]

Thrash Test Dummies

We are the kids bred on hatred and fear
You stole from our hearts all we kept holding dear
We are the kids not afraid to crash
Thrash test dummies a pain in your ass

We are the kids to question the truth
Of a rotten society you chose for us fools
Feel the rage that is building inside
Thrash test dummies we ‘ll never die

We are the kids, we have dreams no toys
Brought up in a fucked up world that offers no choice
We are the ones you ‘re pointing the gun
Thrash test dummies we ‘re still having fun

We are the kids with the skateboard decks
We are the kids with the circle pits
We laugh and we cry and we love and we hate
we ‘ll never conform to the world you create

Watch us fight battle after battle
Like crazy fucks we bring down the walls
We bleed as we crash from our heads to our toes
Thrash test dummies, bring out the dogs…

All we need is some Gasoline

I ‘ve got a plan i would like to share
I ‘m gonna fuck with the people that run this world
Not one at a time, I don’t have much time
I ‘m gonna clean this place from government crime

Let’s start with the cops, dealing drugs, beating kids around the blocks
Power freaks and homophobes, bullshit playing TV shows
I won’t wait another hour, I can’t handle all this power game
Of censored truth against the youth

You can try but you can’t stop me
I got cover from all over the world
You can try but you won’t break me
If you wanna join… Hands in the air!
All we need is some gasoline

What do you think? Got a better idea?
How to fight this mass production of fear…
Cause I ‘m sick and tired, of these bullshit liars
Dictating how to live our lives, bring out the knives

Drinking whiskey, you think I’m braindead, just frustrated,
But I’m sober in my mind, I won’t be wasting anytime
My mind is working overtime, just wait and see the masterplan
I ‘m the raging bull that will bring down your clan

And I watch it burn, I watch it fall
Evacuate the city, bells ring last call,
While I’m jumping up and down, always dancing to the sound
Of a hopelessly corrupted city burning to the ground

You can try but you can’t stop me
I got cover from all over the world
You can try but you won’t break me
If you wanna join… Hands in the air!
All we need is some gasoline
Hands in the air…

[lyrics from the cd “Suburbancore” (Cannonball 666 Records, 2004)]


Bastard rules for all us fools… well I don’t know if I wanna be a part of it. Sick bastards how can you be so fucking arrogant? This scene doesn’t belong to you, it don’t belong to anyone. Who are you to judge me and decide what’s right or wrong? Most times I would back what you ‘re telling me but it all falls apart when you try to preach me with a coke in your hands. You arrogant fucks if you really want to put a label on us, try “the kids that won’t follow your punk rock rules”… This scene is the only thing we got and you’re destroying it with your lectures and politically correct bullshit, all I hear is shit coming out of your mouth. Stop trying to put a label on me, you claim to be all against authority but you ‘re exercising it every fucking day. Well that is fucking sick…

If you’re gonna run in circles… (do it in the pit)

You can’t control the state you’re in, your situation makes me sick. I’m not your dad, the things I’ve said it’s all because I really care. No it won’t change so don’t complain unless you try to ease the pain. I told you once, I told you twice, your boring life is built on lies. I saw you last month and you had all these big plans laid out, so excited and sure you found a way out but yesterday I saw you lying on your back with a liquid brain you can’t do much of your life. The time was right, I wished the best, sorry but I had to get it off my chest. Its all in your hands to make a change, I am so sick of your lame excuses, get out of your fucking cage! If you’re gonna run in circles… do it in the pit…


Girls with plastic bodies mean nothing to me. I see them all day on the magz and tv. Your body looks great just as it is, why don’t you throw away those fucking pills and burn all them photos, burn all them posters and fuck all them posers? I am so sick and tired of you fucking with our heads and I don’t want no beauty queen sponsored by your brands. Anorexic girls make me wanna throw up, diets, pills and other crap, eat what the fuck you want I want you like that. Girls that break your heart won’t catch your eye on the streets, the don’t know the latest trend and you won’t see them posing on the beach. What the fuck do I care about your latest photo shoot? On the next don’t use a camera for the benefit of everyone use a fucking gun…

Disposable Youth

I woke up this morning and I felt like shit. My stomach was spinning and my braincells were dead. People were awful and angry around me, who are these fools in my life that surround me? I wonder how much more I can give, when today is burning to live? From junkies to cops and losers to punx, who the fuck do they wanna be? Do they want a part of me? Smokng and drinking is all I’ve been thinking sice I got out of bed. Through all this frustration I can’t find my way, smoke’s too thick to see. What is wrong with world today, or should I say what’s wrong with me? Sometimes what I feel is really hard to explain or am I just a no use freak…

Smash the screen

Lived through the eyes of other people’s lives, you gotta have control, you gotta have it all. Another truth well told, another game blindfold. A game I won’t let you play in my garden. I feel puzzled, on the edge of frustration, there can be no hesitation. All you have to do is breathe to the smoke that goes out of your tv. All you got to do is stand and watch. No matter the bullshit that you’re served anytime and everywhere, you can always see but never touch. Well I am an angry man, I can do the worst I can to make you suffer. This world is not enough to compete any other. There’s nothing left to fear, cause nobody’s out there, no communication… A few minutes to recall, it’s me you turned your back on…

Beautiful world, fucked up people

The world keeps turning, forgive me if I choose to go the wrong way but I don’t wanna join you. I’ve got my doubts about us being the only species with intelligent thought walking on this planet. If that’s called intelligence I’d rather be fucking stupid. These are the outcomes of corrupted minds and they don’t represent me. Compromise is a word that I would never use, cause I just can’t stand all this fucking abuse. We ‘re all guests, this is not our home and if we don’t treat it right, we ‘re bound to get thrown out of site. Back me up, back me up, make it stop. World destruction is coming up. Revenge and fury its nature’s call, an irreversible fatal fall. Beautiful world, fucked up people…

Hey bastards

Fucked up ideas are thrown to my brain, you’re boiling the blood that runs through my veins. If you keep on pushing do you think I will break? How much more of your shit do you think I can take before I explode? Question everything and disguise your actions, this is not a song built on reactions. Some things are better told cold as they are, simple and shallow but powerful enough. For 7 years I drunk the whole world dry, but still I can’t sleep no matter how hard I try, I fell like I’m losing myself. For 7 years I did everything you said and nightmares possessed a life well planned, well I’m not gonna take it no more. We will never do what you say… Nothing new, no moral no story, philosophical thoughts or poetic words. Just the need to express our rage and give it all out in your face…

Hellcore (instrumental)


Alone again, facing the aftermath and feeling the cold of other people’s eyes, I ‘d rather be disguised. All I wanted to do was everything for you, but it seems once again my feelings are bleeding in the trash and this time I got no strength, just a stupid boy all alone… All day long I keep telling myself that I’m not fucked up but I got things to say now you’re not around. Everything seems boring and meaningless now and all the drinks in the world can’t save me now. I wish I was the one to make the difference, I can’t see you as a friend, I wish I could just make you smile but every time I try everything falls to pieces again. I ‘ve got the talent to torture myself and make others suffer, why? I just can’t get it right, someday I hope I might. Yesterday you made me feel I could fly, today I know how it feels to die. You’ll never know how much I care and its all unconditional…

Basement rats

The basement rats are getting restless tonight, crawling underneath it’s a good day to die. A nightmare for the landlord, clueless he lies, silk sheets won’t protect him tonight. Soon the’ll be trashing the floors reclaiming their life. All they ever wanted was to see the light, armed to the teeth, revenge is on sight. Come down, rats all around, come down and join the uprising sound… Smoke is all around and nothing in the world can’t stop them now. Can you feel the excitement, its trashing the floors? Feel their soul as it finally explodes like firecrackers illuminating the sky, this is the day, let it all out, what is fucking hidden inside…

This one’s for the kids

This one’s for the kids that will never grow up. This pne’s for the kids that never gonna stop. They won’t conform, they never gonna fall, this fone’s for the kids that want it all. Today is a good day can you feel it all? Leave all your problems outside the fucking door. The night is ours we deserve it all, so grab your boards and go to the show. Everyone thinks that you’re against the whole world, but its true the whole world is against you. No fucking problem gonna trash it up tonight so don’t be afraid cause I got news for you. I am right by your side making sure you won’t fall down when the bastards come pushing you. So get up, come out. This story ain’t for sure no Hollywood movie but I dare you its gonna have a Hollywood ending cause it takes much more than this to brings us down… Tomorrow will be better I can feel it so, no fucking worries to put me down. This night is ours we deserve it more, so grab your boards and go to the show…

How the fuck are you gonna put me down now?

I can feel it in the air we got so down up is the only way now. Is this going on forever or is it getting better, stop thinking start living you’ve had enough. This time its for real, cause I’m really fucjing pissed, we’re living in a fake world that doesn’t exist. Recycled thoughts that have no meaning, we’ve lost touch with reality and we’re gonna fall. We’re all addicted to fucking depression, its time that you kick out that sick habit. The truth is far from what you think, you’re blinded by your stupid thoughts, try to see through it all, disappointed by all you keep on thinking “this is what I’m worth for…” You got to fight it always together, always forever, you got to fight all these people’s minds. They don’t deserve your sympathy if they don’t appreciate your existence. I am going ip and you’re all coming with me. We got so high you need an army to hold us down…

Get your hands off our neighborhood

I feel like a stranger in the place I grew up, no one cares and no one knows. Locked inside we’re all hiding our fears, signs read something that’s good for us I’m told. The kids I grew up work 24/7 with big plans and careers, some couldn’t tale it now they’re crawling for beers, and I’m disgusted by the market that replaced my neighbor’s corner store. This neighborhood is dead and so long fucking gone. Life trapped in black boxes you can pretend as much as you want but its gone. Drunk all day hiding my fears, drunk all day just like they want me to be, drunk all day I can cause no troubles or so they think. Optimism isn’t helping no more, positive attitudes won’t keep me standing no more. We need to do something to get your hands off our neighborhood. Ghost town, running up and down, get out begging with a shout. Fucked up place like a big big cage, gonna break the chains and go back to the days. Sometime the sun will fucking rise, you just won’t see it cause it hides behind your six store house. You will never see a brighter day living like a mouse…

Carefree ways

45 photos its an illustrated show. Everything for free, egos rising up and grow. Girls go crazy they scream and shout. Get off the ramp cause the bullshit crew is out. Sponsored superstars they own this place. Turned our hearted home to advertising games. Fear and shame, what a fucking disgrace, you call this a demo I call it rape. Ride, ride day and night like back in the days, what ever happened to carefree ways? So go on take’em all, your boards and bikes, you’re just a bunch of stupid kids nobody likes. New week, new deck, your attitude is shit, you raped our home and made it a trend. Lifestyles promos, such stupid words. For all you suckers I wrote these 4 chords…

Terror Ltd.

I’ve been busting my head all day thinking of a place far away. Time spent dreaming of a life worthwhile, sensitive hearts have been sentenced to life. Not enough body bags for all them body parts, I can now see, it’s crystal clear to me, it ain’t worth living in apathy. Censored ideas are realized in my mind, horrified by thoughts nurturing inside. I’m sick of this life, sick of this shit. Why won’t you let me live inside my dreams? Middle fingers rising from the middle east, there’s nothing in this world worth the life of all those kids. Not enough body bags for all them body parts, I can now see, it’s crystal clear to me, it ain’t worth living in apathy. Bedtime stories conquer my soul cause I’m pretty sure that no one gives a fuck about my thoughts no more…

[lyrics from the cd “All Them Clowns” (Cannonball 666 Records, 2002)]

You won’t make a soldier out of me

One day less in this fucking mess. It is a racing of fear, so swallow your tears cause nothing goes on before you know it it’s gone. Feeling so useless and wasting my time, the foolish, the losers don’t wonder why and days go by. You won’t make a soldier out of me! Thoughts are partying at night, with filled up cups they ‘re screaming for life. They come out stronger every time, yeah that’s right. They don’t have discipline, character, obedience. What are you going to do about that? I don’t care… Fuck I ain’t gonna wake everyday at six, you‘re not going to push me around like this. Serving something I don’t believe in, dressed in shit I’m not meant to fit in. So screw this whole bitch ass shit, 18 months flushed down the toilet, scratching your ass without doing anything cause everything is out there. You won’t make a soldier out of me, no fucking way.

Trash this place up

Temperatures are rising and blood is flowing dirty, faces look uglier than ever before so let’s go! The room is small, I can sense your heart beating, kids bound to burst in unstoppable frenzy. It’s a fucking war that we have already won, no opposite sides just us on the floor. Strained feet are shaking, can’t wait anymore, I don’t care who is playing as long as their fast and raw… Frustration turns to anger, the devil haunts your soul and he’s a punk rocker. Just move and dance it all away, no room for attitudes just dirty shapes. Jump inside and I’ll pick you up if you fall down. Make my nose bleed and I’ll biy you the next round, raised hands, one voice we all shout: “You know we can speak for ourselves, we believe nothing you say, we got more than it takes to burn this city down and we don’t care how long it’s been around…” Right now there are no problems or dreams to chase, there are no pretty smells just the adrenalin of the sweat on the floor. The kids next to me have become my best friends and they won’t compromise cause they ‘re determined to trash this place up!

Ignorance is no excuse

Hate crimes and brainless acts by fascists and real Nazis, we put our concept for these perpetrators and say no! There’s nobody I know… Fuck yeah we do. Move on with your life, you ‘re so far behind, put on a baseball cap, take off this fake smile, don’t drink and drive… Nothing is happening, it gets worse everyday, no help is encouraging. Having long hair’s not a crime, Yeah! We all deserve equal rights. Respect your self don’t be narrow-minded the color of your skin doesn’t matter, struggle for life is what some people are facing and your stupid heads are not making it easy. We got through the tunnel and having no fear, get off the track now we know how to fight back. The mask that you wear, are you rally a tough guy? Who can you protect? Not even yourself. You ‘re so full of shit, show off full of muscles, so tell me the truth, do you spit or swallow?

Fuck Politics

Elected by the same system you created, fuck politics. It’s another blood sucking business, fuck politics. Why the fuck are you doing this for? Getting paid for not caring at all. Pretending to make important decisions. Fuck diplomacy, it’s just a way to spend the money your people needs at home, have you ever discussed anything useful at all? Your politics are wasting my time, can you save me? Fingers point eager to distribute blame, they can’t afford their hands stained, their eyes roll in shame, and we ‘re running out of time… Walking over me… Get the fuck out! Blood stained money backing your party campaigns, voting is about who fucks with our lives less these days. Choice is an illusion, can you hear the confusion, at the back of the room, some people are shouting, can anyone hear them, their voice is kept low so they won’t bother you. Your politics are wasting my time, you can’t save me…

Sixteen Seconds

Free to go, free for life, fuck the boss, he’s a joke, there’s no time, left to lose, sixteen seconds. Tell your friends, the latest news, we were not born to lose, raise your glass, enjoy the scene, sixteen seconds. Let’s go mad, let’s get caught. Sitting sux, don’t complain, it’s just a game with no rules, sixteen seconds. It’s a curse, it’s a spell, hit the streets, fun for free, it’s the end of the world in sixteen seconds. Smash your tv set, trash everything up, I ‘ll take the blame, just don’t say I didn’t try.


So we have a running disorder, trapped by questionable morality, followed by homophobes and human rights abuse politics. Their strikes plague our freedom. I say it is English slavery, some say that it’s not, assholes with red white skin. Bombarding the people who live by the day, licking the asses of the American state. Open your eyes, deep breath, no more lies, takes less than a year, just anger no fear. Why don’t you try something better? You can choose your way of life but you don’t intercept us, there is one thing we all live for, integrity and freedom. Why does it always take a fucking lifetime? We have to raise our voice to get what we deserve. Same shit different day… Why don’t you move on?

My world

My world! Fuck you I want something better. No training camps, no military schools, always sunny weather. Playgrounds for kids, hanging out on the streets, riding. Skateboard parks and drinking bars, riding bikes no fucking cars, punk rock shows and crowded squares, no cinemas promoting your lifestyles and products. What I like most about this world is that it seems so fucked up to you. Just say no to what they offer you, puke on reality, abort the misery, before they send you right to hell, gotta find a better deal. I just want to grow up to be the drunkest straight edge guy around, in a world where the prettiest girls are rude, bad and drunker than you. I won’t sit around and watch you fuck this place up, whatever you destroy we ‘ll build it up from scratch. I have thousands of dreams and I want them to come true, what ever made you think this world belongs to you? Every time I try to do something on my own you end up standing in front of my face, this neighborhood won’t bring me down no more. Refuse to conform to the luxury of boredom, another self destructing Sodom is coming on! Just say no to what they offer you, puke on reality, abort the misery, before they send you right to hell, gotta find a better deal. My world! Won’t wait to be asked, won’t wait to be told, I got my plans sprayed out on the wall, and what I like most is that it seems so fucked up to you!

Ideas fade at night

Stop pushing me I forgot what the fuck we ‘re fighting for. Stand up till you die, fight for your reasons and for a blue sky. Stand up till you die, the future’s right ahead, fight against the tide. Equality, you really want it? Keep fighting for it. Why can’t you see? Organizations won’t save your asses. Try, let’s settle the score, I thought about it you ‘re so wrong. Got to bomb their foundations not with bombs but with words. Act now! Well I have lots of expectations, and all I need is some explanation Why what you think is wrong for me is right? And it’s no surprise when it’s hard to make up your mind sometimes. You have to look straight to the eyes… I ‘m so fucking tired of hearing these slogans on and on again by those cowards who shout “Stand up, fight back” and then go home where they ‘re safe… Shut your fucking mouth and take matters on your own hands, change is applauded but can you afford it? Eyes shut and folded tight, ideas always fade at night, I can’t distinguish the enemy from you no more…

[lyrics from the cd “Drunk And Loud” (Cannonball 666 Records, 2001)]

Your authority means shit to me

Sucker, I ain’t your toy… Sucker, I ‘m just a boy
I wonder what you were thinking when you kicked his head… Do you feel a man?
Power is what gets you high, you go home and you beat your wife. Twisted is the way you‘re living, I hope you got no children…

Do you really think you‘re in control?
Well we’re not gonna take it anymore

All dressed up and ready to go, wishing for some beating action
Brainless is what you are, fuck you is all we have to say

Do you really think you‘re in control?
Well we’re not gonna take it anymore

Your authority means shit to me

School Days

I remember times with no worries, times with nothing to think about, times full of aggravation, with no need for explanation, parents asking “Why did you do that?”.

Then we grow older responsibility comes in place of fun, do this, do that, don’t have too much fun! Go to University and waste your time, lose your friends it’s not a crime.

Growing old, facing facts, my opinion? It really sucks…

Who was that dumb shit who said everyone must do something with their lives and told me to compromise? Who said I should make a successful career? All I want is to play bass and drink beer.

No ambition for the future, just a brainless pointless creature…

Drinking booze, eating junk, chewing gum, getting drunk, hanging out, lifting beers, making friends and screaming cheers…

Make me fly or let me die, desperation waits nearby, when depression feels my guts, I‘m going crazy I’m going nuts…

Oh Fuck

Oh fuck I’m happy today, everything’s going my way. Drinking beers in the sun, drinks on me to everyone. There’s no reason, should there have to be one? I’ve tried so hard, I‘ve done everything I can. So what if we failed? So what if we lost? I’m going out to have fun; I know my turn will come! Don’t try to get me down; don’t try to make me sad. There’s nothing you can do that will make me look bad. I don’t wanna hear about your problems at all, I take a day off from all that is wrong in this world. It’s my day today and I’m gonna spend it my way, go out with my friends, I don’t care what you say… I know girls just have fun but boys just wanna get drunk tonight…

Unite and Resist

I saw you last night beating up each other once again… I‘ve tried so hard but I can’t see what’s the point. There’s more in life don’t waste it I don’t care tough you are, I wish you could just help me figure it out!

Unite and resist, get back on the streets cause you gotta fight for what you believe in.
Whining won’t ever help, strive for change, for a better place
Unite and resist against this confusion, you gotta fight it’s the only solution
Whining won’t ever help, strive for change, for a better place
It ain’t no slogan, it ain’t no fucking fashion, you just have to put it in your head.

Look around, what do you see? They ‘re trying to take away from you all the things that you like, who’s gonna help you when it’s time? I’m not saying everything sucks these days, just stay together and think positive and there’s nothing they can ever take away from us…

Unite and resist, get back on the streets cause you gotta fight for what you believe in.
Whining won’t ever help, strive for change, for a better place
Unite and resist against this confusion, you gotta fight it’s the only solution
Whining won’t ever help, strive for change, for a better place

Cool Kids Suck

I don’t give a shit what clothes you wear and I don’t give a fuck what you do with your hair, you ‘re all pumped up and your body’s looking perfect, girls like you but I don’t really care cause cool kids suck You spend two hours looking at the mirror, everyone likes you and all your friends to

This ain’t no fashion show, no one here’s impressed by you, it’s a punk rock show so move and sweat and just be happy that you ripped your shirt cause cool kids suck

Drunk and Loud

It’s early in the morning and it’s time to go to school, eyes wide open but still can’t see a thing. Can’t fight temptation, another detention, the teacher’s got problems and he takes them out on me. Leave this place, go out, get drunk and loud. Fuck this place go out get drunk and loud.

You got a job, you gotta make a living, can’t stand the boss, he’s always fucking screaming. Can’t stand rejection, once again feeling shit. Take a break, things will change, we don’t have to win this race. Leave this job, go out, get drunk and loud. Fuck this job, go out, get drunk and loud.

Shout! There’s gotta be a choice. Leave this place, raise your voice, I wanna hear some fucking noise. Leave this place, go out, get drunk and loud. Fuck this place, go out, get drunk and loud.

Stuck Up Girls (lyrics not on the lyric sheet)lyrics not provided by the band)


I am tired of your lies and of everything you preach, please tell me are you getting rich? How much is enough? But who am I to judge, I am just another stupid kid! The way you look at me and the things you say to us, just the crap you want us to be. How much is enough? But who am I to judge, I am just another stupid kid! Rotten inside, rotten inside. Don’t you tell me what I’m supposed to be. Don’t you decide what’s best for all of us. The news, the magz, you are all worse than trash. Looks great inside but it’s fucking rotten inside. Still I can’t stand it when you take advantage of this city and its people to get what you want. You look in our eyes, with your big fucking smiles, and you tell us this city belongs to its people. I don’t know, am I wrong? But I was never asked for anything at all.

Summer Nights

It’s 12 o’clock and I just woke up, it’s fucking hot so we headed for the beach, picked up the others on the way and a couple of drinks to get us through the day… Katia’s always taking good care of us, she might get angry sometimes and pretend she doesn’t like us but now it’s summer and we gotta find a way to get what we want…

Drinking at the bar, we ‘re all strangers here, but it feels, like we ‘re all in this together. Summer nights is all I wish for, summer nights is all I dream for. Slow down, take your time, we ‘ll be staying for a while, summer’s here to stay…

The music ‘s always shitty but a few more drinks and I might start to like it, or we might get lucky and they ‘ll play a ramones song. I just wish you could be here as well… Drinking at the bar, we ‘re all strangers here, but it feels like we ‘re all in a mission together… Try , try, let it go, come on get up, alright! I wanna get some drinks. Everybody ‘s up from early morning, they ‘ve gone surfing, but I ‘m still fucked up from yesterday, I can barely move my feet. Slow days, fast nights it’s all about the summer nights. Drinks on me, summer ‘s here to stay…

(thanks to kostis from Vodka Juniors for sending the lyrics in)

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